Why is Jesus/God White but Devil/ Satan is Black?


Why is Jesus and God white but the devil/ Satan black? And why is every bad thing associated with black? Blackmail, Blackball, Blacklist, Black Death, Black Friday, Black Magic, Black market, Black Sheep, Black Hole

Who introduced Christianity to us? The Whiteman. Who wrote the bible? The white man. Who invaded our nations, chained our forefathers and raped our mothers including underage girls? Still the whiteman, and funny enough, they came with bibles to make slave trade easier for them.

Can religion be explained by brain wiring? The faithful say noWhen the white men came to Africa our forefathers resisted them and rebelled against them. The white men went back to the drawing board and came back to Africa with the bible, from what I’ve read so far, religion made it easier for the white imperialists to conquer Africa.

Blacks accepting Christianity was the best thing that ever happened to the white enslavers. The fear of hell and promise of an everlasting life was what finally kept the slaves from rebelling and running away.

I don’t know if we should trust white people blindly like this. Not after all they did to my ancestors. You and I were not there when the bible was written, how do we even know these people didn’t add or remove something’s from the bible.

So many of my white friends keep telling me that religion is SCAM but I’ve been holding on to my faith, not to backslide. But a book I’m reading now is changing my mind or maybe I’m just losing my sanity?

If you visit Elmina Castle in Ghana you will question a lot of things. Most west African slaves were shipped to America via Elmina castle. I’ve been to Elmina Castle 4 times and I can’t describe how terrible I feel each time I go there. The same people who came with bibles to save us were the same people killing us and raping our mothers including under aged children. And God was calm, he didn’t do anything to save my helpless ancestors. It simply doesn’t make sense at all.

Can a whiteman die for a black man? Well I am yet to see because

The insult, abuse, destruction and racism still continue till date. The sad thing is, the African people who are worshipping God are getting poorer, they die younger, wretched and frustrated. But the whites who don’t believe in God are richer, smarter, and they don’t die young.

I’m still a Christian and I’m just thinking deep, sometimes I lock myself in a room and think, reflect and analyse something’s. I come in peace

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