Witches and Village People are not responsible for your povery and joblessness.

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Witch and Village People?
Dear Nigerian people, witches and village people are not responsible for your joblessness and poverty.
Witches don’t build companies and factories for God sake. It’s very unfortunate that most Nigerians that believe all these crap have university degrees yet they reason like illiterates.
Nigerians pray and fast more than any country on earth yet we are the poorest and most stupid people in the world simply bc we don’t make use of our brain.  I don’t even know why yahoo boys are looking outside bc the easiest people to deceive are Nigerians which is why the richest pastors on earth are Nigerian pastors. Many Nigerian pastors will tell you to sow seed or pay tithe to get your dream job, dream husband or wife but this is a FAT LIE, there are no jobs and God doesnt need your money before blessing you, salvation is free. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MY VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE ABOUT Tithing in Nigeria- The Truths and The Lieshttps://iykbethanygistville.com/2018/03/26/tithing-in-nigeria-the-truths-and-the-lies/
Truth is bitter but I’m still gonna say it even though yall are gonna attack me soon. The reason most Africans are poor or jobless is bc of corrupt politicians and I still blame the poor masses bc we allowed it to happen in the first place. It’s d duty of a responsible government to create an enabling environment for foreign investments to thrive; such as good roads, electricity, water, security etc. We don’t have any of these that is why it’s hard to convince investors to invest in Nigeria.
Stop going to church to fire so-called witches. If we have good leaders u wouldn’t need to shout fire fire fire every day yet nothing happens. And after shouting fire fire nothing changes bc you are firing the wrong people. Bad government is our problem, not so-called enemies or witches. Believe me if we start firing the corrupt politician’s things will change.
Nobody in Europe and America is going to church to shout fire fire b4 they get job, they don’t need to shout I receive bc they have good leaders. If you don’t work hard now and change your mentality you are going to spend the rest of your life going from church to church to shout I receive.
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Iyk is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, real estate developer and part time blogger who uses this blog to educate and enlighten people.
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