Nigerian work experience, getting jobs in Nigeria, working in Nigeria, sex for job


Nigerian work experience, getting jobs in Nigeria, working in Nigeria, sex for job


As the topic suggests, one will simply infer that the question of unemployment particularly among Nigerian graduates suffer a total neglect. It will not be out of place to regard the situation as a misplaced governmental task that is being compounded by ”WORK EXPERIENCE SYNDROME” practiced in the Nigerian labor market. The syndrome of requisite ”work experience” for employment in the labour market has become a pattern. Most employers of labour in both public and private sectors put up job advertisements insisting on requisite qualification and experience often longer than the entire duration of study a graduate must have had. Every day we come across job advertisements which requires that ONLY candidates with five, ten years ‘work experience’ or more should apply.


Puzzling!!! This means that the fresh graduate seeking for job is already disqualified by that singular requirement even though she or he may have the academic qualification and capacity to deliver on the job even without prior work experience. This syndrome is mostly the reason for the ever growing  trend of unemployment in that , it even takes established worker (those with the work experience) time to change jobs let alone a fresh graduate who is yearning for a job to make ends meet and make his or her parents proud and even to contribute his or her quota to the societal development.


Yes we know that experience is the best teacher but employment consideration in Naija is just meting out injustice on a good number of Nigerian graduates if we count solely on this work experience thingy. It will make more sense if both the public and private sectors adopt the practice in most developed countries where employers employ young and fresh graduates and take them through refresher and induction courses to prepare them to suitably fit the operations of their new job. This approach will be more meaningful after all they graduated to be versatile in all human endeavors.


In Nigeria, ”only those who work on the altar eat on the altar, you should not expect to reap where you did not sow” this is the philosophy backing this syndrome. Yes in other words if you do not have an Oga at the top you cannot benefit from existing employment opportunities…the demand for bribe becomes the norm. You haven’t heard it all, some employers in certain establishments sexually exploit female job-seekers before granting them employment.

The unwilling ones are despised and denied such jobs. An individual (a civil servant) who ought to retire at a certain age will just go and falsify (reduce) his or her age (football age) thereby aggravating the unemployment trend so far as the civil servant does not die, he or she remains there till eternity to the detriment of a young and fresh graduate who find it extremely difficult to secure a job.

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