Is WITCHCRAFT Real or Fake?

I’m doing a research on African superstitious beliefs and now want to set the records straight once and for all.
Do you believe in witchcraft? Do you believe that someone’s dick can be spiritually stolen and returned spiritually? These are some of the senseless stories on the lips of many Sub Saharan Africans yet they cant prove any of it? Prove any of these and win 250,000 Naira. There’s no time for hearsay’s and senseless stories, I want valid proof in pictures and videos.
We’ve been hearing since childhood that dicks are being stolen spiritually and still till date nobody has shown me pic of a de-penised man?
I strongly believe that with these kinds of archaic beliefs Africa can never move forward. We will continue to be a laughing stock unless we change our ways and face reality. Small kids in sane climes are building super machines and robots and we are here accusing innocent children and old women of witchcraft.
I will pay 250k Naira to anyone that will show us verifiable proof that PENIS can be stolen and returned spiritually. Get pics when the dick was still intact, another pics and videos when the dick was stolen and finally pics when it was returned. If this shit is even possible how are you sure that the dick being returned is yours? What if you were given oversized dick?
For the stupid witchcraft story, pls show us proof that someone travelled from Nigeria to Europe or America spiritually without visas and conventional means of transportation.
I’m too civilised to believe in senseless things like these. Personally I believe it’s broke horney guys that make these stupid claims when they want free sex from prostitutes, check out this similar story then you will understand where I am coming from: But if you believe this nonsense then prove me wrong with verifiable facts and not hearsay.
This offer starts now and is valid for one month. This is not a joke please.
Did you learn anything from this post? Or you have something to say? Please let us have your views and opinions. Perhaps, we can learn from each other.

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