Top 5 Reasons Why Coronavirus Will Not Last Long

Coronavirus, Coronavirus in Nigeria, African Coronavirus cases,
Coronavirus, Coronavirus in Nigeria, African Coronavirus cases,
1. The entire world is in panic mode. I believe with the kind of effort and research work going on around the world we are weeks or months away from a Coronavirus VACCINE or CURE.
2. All of the worlds biggest economies are affected, thats why I believe they will get a cure or vaccine sooner than later. If it were just a Nigerian or African disease like malaria they will never put this much effort.
3. Most of the worlds richest people is affected and they are loosing serious money. For example, just last week the combined fortunes of the world’s 500 richest people fell by $444 billion as the coronavirus continued to spread — and spread fear — rattling equity markets worldwide.
4. The fatality rate is very low, only 3% of all infected patients died from the virus.
5. Finally and most interestingly, it is MADE IN CHINA and we all know that China products dont last long.
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